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The Museum

The Barcelona Museum of Modernism is a private institution committed to art and culture, and is dedicated to acquiring, researching, documenting, preserving and disseminating our works of art with as wide a reach as possible. With our own unique collection, we summarise and contextualise art from the Modernist era in Catalonia, spanning the most varied forms and disciplines. The museum’s collection includes important works of art, ranging from exquisite pieces of furniture and the decorative arts to beautiful examples of painting and sculpture.

The collection includes a wide range of pieces which form part of Catalonia’s rich artistic heritage, all framed in a time of crucial cultural importance to the city of Barcelona; a historical moment in which a fruitful search for its own cultural identity and symbols was ignited. Thanks to strong industrialisation and contacts with the rest of Europe, craftsmen’s jobs were revitalised and elevated to an artform, and an increasingly rich society began acquiring objects of singular elegance and design, bestowing a personal touch on a whole range of artistic expressions.

The museum translates and displays not only the individual beauty of these pieces, but also provides a historical and social context which throws open a beautiful window onto the past.