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The Barcelona Museum of Modernism threw open its doors in March 2010, in the centre of Barcelona, the first and only museum in Catalonia specialised in the Modernist period.

Matrimoni Pinós

Mr. and Ms.Pinós

To understand the origins of this unique initiative, we must go back to the 70s, when the marriage of antique dealers Fernando Pinós and Maria Guirao, both guided by a deep passion and dedication for art and Modernism in particular, began their careers as collectors. They specialised in a period that at the time enjoyed hardly any prestige or consideration, and collected many pieces of incomparable artistic and historical value, rescuing them from a long period in which they had lain dormant.

The task they undertook was daunting, because at that time all Modernist expression was misunderstood and derided in favor of new artistic trends. Many Modernist buildings were abandoned or demolished, and their objects and works of art had been either sold or stored away as  simple relics from the past, falling into an unfair oblivion over the years. There were hardly any studies or research on the era, which made their dedication a tough but unique project, which today is a source of pride and international admiration.

Nowadays, historiographical expertise and the rigour of modern research has placed Modernism and its many expressions within the historical and cultural place it deserves, making it one of the most recognisable symbols of Catalan identity. The intention of Fernando Pinós and Maria Guirao to revitalise this movement, their pioneering work in the field and their vocation to spread the word to the public at large, has led them to express their passion for Modernist art in the shape of a museum, the Barcelona Museum of Modernism, a permanent collection dedicated to the enjoyment of everyone.