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The Gothsland art gallery has inaugurated the exhibition Ramon Casas i l’Art publicitari del Cartell (Ramon Casas and Poster Advertising Art), the show focuses on the artist Ramon Casas, he who portrayed the civil society of his era like no other and who knew how to capture a woman’s beauty and sensuality. Together with original drawings by Casas there is a carefully thought out selection of the most representative posters of Modernism, by artists such as Ramon Casas, Gaietà Cornet, Adrià Gual, Joan Llaverías, Joan Llimona, Alexandre de Riquer, Santiago Rusiñol or Miguel Utrillo.

Exhibition poster “Ramon Casas i l’Art publicitari del Cartell”

The golden era for the creation and collection of posters dates from the last few years of the 19th century until the First World War – in the city of Barcelona there were just under one hundred registered lithographic workshops and industries during the ‘20s – This love of posters, favoured by the search for new aesthetic categories and the expansion of cities, was started by the poster for the 3rd Exhibition of Fine Arts and Artistic Industries by Alexandre de Riquer, considered the first modernist poster.

Alexandre de Riquer. Barcelona, 3rd Exhibition of Fine Arts and Artistic Industries

Ramon Casas knew how to capture a woman’s beauty and made her the exclusive star of his compositions (with the exception of his famous portraits and the oil paintings of great historical events). In these works he drew women inside wearing hats or headdresses, on which the occasional touches of colour shine on the magnificent charcoal lines. Julia – his favourite model (and later on his wife) – was also immortalised in an indoor scene, peacefully reading a book.

Exhibition: Ramon Casas i l’Art publicitari del Cartell
Place: Gothsland Galeria d’Art. Consell de Cent, 331, 08007 Barcelona. Tel. 934 881 922
Catalogue available at the Gothsland Art Gallery and in the museum shop.

Until 10th January 2013


The Casa Milà La Pedrera celebrates hundred years. To commemorate the centenary, a programme of activities has been put together that is a blend of the essentially festive occasions typical of any celebration together with various cultural and artistic events related to the singular nature of a monumental building such as La Pedrera, designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí.

© Caixa d’Estalvis de Catalunya, Tarragona i Manresa

Full details of the programmed events will be released shortly, but the activities will include:

  • An exhibition commemorating the centenary
  • Lectures
  • Shows and concerts
  • Family activities: festivities and workshops
  • Activities related to conservation and awareness-raising: restorations, talks and seminars on heritage


© Caixa d’Estalvis de Catalunya, Tarragona i Manresa

As part of the centenary celebrations, we have set up the project entitled La Pedrera as Never Seen Before, which will provide an opportunity to discover and safeguard photographs, film images, written documents and oral accounts that have thus far remained out of the public eye or which are largely unknown, all to do with the history of La Pedrera from 1906, the year construction work began, to 1986, when the building was purchased by Caixa Catalunya.

Who has this material and want to share it, or can provide any historical information about La Pedrera in the years indicated, please contact them via the e-mail