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The collection

The BMM collection consists of a large number of works from various artistic disciplines, including the decorative arts, which were revitalised and renewed during the Modernist period. Each one of these works represents the creative spirit of artists from the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century, and the collection’s technical and thematic variety depicts the multidisciplinary nature of Modernism.

This variety ranges from the interior decoration of the great houses of the bourgeoisie in the  Eixample and on the outskirts of Barcelona, through to oil paintings of daily life, portraits and social issues, as well as decorative sculptures of a symbolic and literary nature. Each piece reflects the quintessential elements of a time of great importance for Catalonia, this being the era in which the identifying features which would shape the course of history were defined.

The BMM collection provides the ideal framework with which to understand this highly creative cultural context. One of its distinguishing features is that it displays both the diversity of subject and technique of the pieces which make up the collection and exhibition halls of the museum. Modernism as an artistic movement, in possession of certain defining common features, was developed in Barcelona with the help of the region’s own influences and styles. The collection is a combination of all that the artists and designers worked on, unique and different ideas in themselves, thanks to the passion of their creators and all that which they wished to convey.