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Enric Clarasó i Daudí, Niño herido

Enric Clarasó i Daudí, Bounded boy

Catalan Modernist sculpture is characterised by its treatment of a number of subjects of a more intimate, private and emotional nature. At the same time that the city, due to the intense urban reform of the time, was adorning itself with monuments and sculptures intended for open spaces and public and private buildings, a sculptural movement which reflected the new intellectual ideals, in many cases of a strong Catholic nature, was developing in parallel to this.

The lower floor of the museum houses a series of important sculptors from the Catalan Modernist movement of the time. Most of these artists dedicated themselves to the female form, using the possibilities offered to them by this study of anatomy and specific treatment of materials, which allowed them to express certain psychological characteristics and even spiritual ideas and concepts. Similarly, the influence of new techniques developed in France, at the hand of Auguste Rodin, can be seen, where the material itself plays an important role in the expression of the whole.

 Josep Llimona i Bruguera, Desconsol

Josep Llimona i Bruguera, Desconsol

Among the artists whose works are exhibited in the museum are Josep Llimona, Enric Clarasó, Eusebi Arnau, Lambert Escaler, Miquel Blay and Rafael Atché. Llimona has a space dedicated to him in which average-sized figures reflect his study of the human anatomy, with one of the versions which made him famous, Grief, a study of femininity of great beauty and melancholy that was originally part of a funerary group, highlighted in particular. Clarasó perfectly translates  the Christian spirit which emanates from figures full of introspection and emotional content. Escaler, on the other hand, specialised in polychrome terracotta busts of women, where the artwork combines decoration with touches of symbolism, as well as the functionality of the original piece.

Miquel Blay i Fàbregas, Sueño

Miquel Blay i Fàbregas, Dream

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