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In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of its opening to the public, the Museum of Modernism of Barcelona is preparing an exceptional exhibition where the most outstanding stained glass displays that are part of the collection, some of them never shown before. The exhibition will take a tour of the stained glass from the end of the 19th century to the mid-20th, paying special attention to the constructive technique of this decorative art.

From the mid-19th century, in Catalonia there is a progressive recovery of stained glass art that will be at its peak in the modernist period, with a stamp that will last until well into the 20th century. The relevance that the art of stained glass would make a great profusion of companies that were dedicated to their production emerged, such as that of Eduald Ramón Amigó, Antoni Rigalt and Blanch, Maumejéan Hermanos, Camaló, Espinagosa or Antoni Bordalda, many of them present at this exhibition.

One of the most significant changes in the stained glass world in this period will be the leap of this art of ornamentation of religious spaces to domestic spaces. This fact produced a renewal and modernization of the remaining topics, as these pieces were incorporated into unusual spaces until then. We will see a predominance of creations based on floral and plant designs, with important productions in the landscape. The allegorical female figures also take center stage, although religious-themed stained glass windows will continue to be produced. In reference to these various typologies, the exhibition will be organized in several areas; one dedicated to the floral and plant world, one of the main motifs of modernism and a second to figurative themes, both allegorical and religious, emphasizing the representation of Saint George and the Virgin of Montserrat.

The other important innovation will be the one that took place in the technique. The stained-glass windows will become aware of the value of studying and recovering old formulas of stained-glass production, as well as in the search for new procedures, linked with the incorporation of new technologies coming from abroad.

Of all these new techniques in the exhibition we will highlight and deeper into the Cloisonné Glass, a technique invented in France, but patented in England and introduced in Catalonia thanks to the workshop of Francesc Vidal I Jevellí, particularly by his son Francesc Vidal who traveled to London. to learn this new procedure. The technique, of great beauty, but at the same time of great complexity, consists in adhering on a flat surface copper filament that shape the drawing. These copper cavities are made of spherical or crushed glass of various sizes and shades. The exhibition will be able to contemplate several pieces executed in this technique given that it has a particularly dedicated field.



The Gothsland art gallery has inaugurated the exhibition Ramon Casas i l’Art publicitari del Cartell (Ramon Casas and Poster Advertising Art), the show focuses on the artist Ramon Casas, he who portrayed the civil society of his era like no other and who knew how to capture a woman’s beauty and sensuality. Together with original drawings by Casas there is a carefully thought out selection of the most representative posters of Modernism, by artists such as Ramon Casas, Gaietà Cornet, Adrià Gual, Joan Llaverías, Joan Llimona, Alexandre de Riquer, Santiago Rusiñol or Miguel Utrillo.

Exhibition poster “Ramon Casas i l’Art publicitari del Cartell”

The golden era for the creation and collection of posters dates from the last few years of the 19th century until the First World War – in the city of Barcelona there were just under one hundred registered lithographic workshops and industries during the ‘20s – This love of posters, favoured by the search for new aesthetic categories and the expansion of cities, was started by the poster for the 3rd Exhibition of Fine Arts and Artistic Industries by Alexandre de Riquer, considered the first modernist poster.

Alexandre de Riquer. Barcelona, 3rd Exhibition of Fine Arts and Artistic Industries

Ramon Casas knew how to capture a woman’s beauty and made her the exclusive star of his compositions (with the exception of his famous portraits and the oil paintings of great historical events). In these works he drew women inside wearing hats or headdresses, on which the occasional touches of colour shine on the magnificent charcoal lines. Julia – his favourite model (and later on his wife) – was also immortalised in an indoor scene, peacefully reading a book.

Exhibition: Ramon Casas i l’Art publicitari del Cartell
Place: Gothsland Galeria d’Art. Consell de Cent, 331, 08007 Barcelona. Tel. 934 881 922
Catalogue available at the Gothsland Art Gallery and in the museum shop.

Until 10th January 2013


A team of researchers led by Dr. Isabel Coll, author of the catalogue raisonée of Ramon Casas i Carbó (Barcelona, 1866 – 1932), is researching and studying the modernist painter’s work on paper.

The large number of drawings done by Ramon Casas during his life makes this a difficult job, as although a significant part of these works are in museums and institutions, there is a large number of unpublished drawings that form part of private collections and that have not been displayed in public.

The aim of the work is to bring together as many of Casas’ works on paper as possible, and to present the results of the study in 2016, the 150th anniversary of the Barcelona-born artist’s birthday.

The Museu del Modernisme Català supports this team (Isabel Artigas, Marc Codina, Isabel Coll and Gabriel Pinós) and has set up this email address to facilitate contact with collectors, where images and any queries regarding Ramon Casas’ work can be sent.



Barcelona, 24 December 2011. To celebrate Christmas we would like to invite you to enjoy a show for the whole family!
When you buy a ticket to the Museu del Modernisme Català on 27th and 28th December you will receive an invitation to THE MAGIC FLUTE, showing at 5.30pm on those dates.

The opening night of The Magic Flute was a great success among the public for its composer W.A. Mozart. For this reason, to reach out to a greater audience, the most representative moments were transcribed into chamber music for two violins, a great short performance offered by AMBÀNIMA. This performance gives us the opportunity to get to know the world of music and opera in a fun and enjoyable way.

Tickets: Adults (€10) Children (€5)
Duration: 45 minutes
Bookings must be made in advance on 932 722 896 or
Limited places.




As Christmas has come, around sixty members enjoyed a guided tour and sampled a glass of Reina Maria Cristina de Codorniu, an exceptional cava from 2008 that pays homage to Queen Regent Maria Cristina, who granted the title of “Royal Warrant of appointment” in 1897.

The places on this exclusive guided tour for members of Club Tr3sc were all taken in just a few minutes. Come and visit the museum as the permanent collection will be renewed in just 3 months’ time!

Esther Garcia with the first group of members

Gabriel Pinós during the presentation of the origins of the museum



Don’t miss the last session of 2011!

This Saturday at 7pm Ekaterina Záytseva will offer us the last session for 2011, coinciding with the start of the Christmas season.

Born in Geneva and settled in Barcelona, Ekaterina Záytseva is considered on the most talented guitarist of her generation. She started studying piano at the tender age of 5 years old and guitar at 11 years old with M. Alexandrova. At the end of this period, she obtained the Prize of Honour and later the Intermediate level Prize of Honour from the P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow where she studied under N. Ivanova-Kramskáya.
Between 2002 and 2006 she continued her studies at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Barcelona), at first as a student of Àlex Garrobé, and, later, of Laura Young. At this centre she also studied piano with Vladislav Bronevetsky and chamber music with Feliu Gasull. She later completed her academic training with Zoran Dukic at The Hague Conservatory obtaining the title of Master of Music. She has received advice from great guitarists such as David Russell, Aniello Desiderio, Hubert Kappel, Carlo Marchione, Hopkinson Smith and Anastasia Bardina.
She has taken part in the most important international guitar festivals, winning awards in several competitions such as the “Belgorod International Competition”, “Comarca el Condado” in Jaén -receiving the award for “Best performer of Andalusian music””-, as well as in the “Ciutat de Torrent” competition (Valencia) and the “Arjau” competition in Barcelona, for her performance of music by Catalan composers.
She has performed in prestigious concert halls such as the Moscow Conservatory, the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic, the Castelló Auditorium and the Radio Warsaw Hall. Critics have said: “Záytseva surprises one with a powerful stylistic versatility and wide technical command of the guitar”, and “great technical skill and excellent handling of the harmonic colours”.




We recommend the exhibition “BETWEEN LIGHTS” at the Fernando Pinós gallery, a collection of beautiful table lamps, standard lamps and wall appliqués, from the end of 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.

From its New York workshops, Louis Comfort Tiffany was one of the most creative and prolific designers, with new and copied methods of glass-making. At l’École de Nancy, Majorelle and Gallé created a decorative world full of plants and insects that also covered their lights. Gaspar Homar or Joan Busquets designed some particularly beautiful models, as were also found in cabinet-makers’, reproduction or decor shops such as Casa Masriera or Esteva, Hoyos i Cia in Barcelona. More information at

From 1st December at the Fernando Pinós Gallery, c. Consell de Cent, 325 Barcelona

The exhibition catalogue can be bought at the Fernando Pinós Gallery or the offices of the Museu del Modernisme Català. (Paperback. 128 pages. RRP: €15)




On Saturday 26 November you can enjoy the works of art at the museum and a music session with AMB ÀNIMA from 7pm. Book on 93 272 28 96.

AMB ÀNIMA is a recently formed company of two violinists, Víctor and Maria, who want to bring the great works of the History of Music to all audiences and settings, in original formats and presentations.

In the last few years intense concert activity has taken place at different prestigious festivals performing with symphonic orchestras such as the OBC (Orchestra of Barcelona and National of Catalonia), OSCyL (Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y León), OSG (Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia), Orchestra of Navarra, Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, ONCA (National Classical Orchestra of Andorra), BCN216, JONC Filharmonia, Orquestra Barroca Catalana, Academia 1750, Il Capriccio, and Spirit of Europe at Vienna. All after studying for several years in Austria, Holland and Germany.

Next Saturday don’t miss the chance to enjoy a museum amb ànima.

With Nusos Culturals and Tr3sc




Magnificent musical session on 16th July at MMCAT with Jacob Cordover and Laura Karney, Duo Zoco, playing their music on the guitar and oboe.

Many thanks to all those who attended.




Nous nous félicitons du succès de la 1ère BICICLETADA MODERNISTA, Balade moderniste à velo. A l’occasion du 7e Salon d´ Art Nouveau de Barcelone samedi 4 Juin, nous avons célébré une journée de loisirs  culturels et sportifs, 120 personnes se sont inscrites pour participer à cette balade, entre lesquelles un grand nombre sont venus vêtus de l´époque, ce qui a surpris la plupart des citoyens et  touristes.


La route  parcourue une vingtaine de bâtiments des plus emblématiques du modernisme à Barcelone, tandis que nos guides commentaient les anecdotes et les aspects historiques des bâtiments et des monuments  inclus dans l’itinéraire quii termine à la foire moderniste de Barcelone. Nous avons fait une pause dans le chemin  au musée pour prendre un chocolat  froid.
Nous remercions la participation enthousiaste de tous ceux et toutes celles, grands et petits, qui ont participé samedi dernier, nous remercions également la collaboration désintéressée de toutes les personnes et entités qui ont contribué à la tâche de diffuser cette  premiere balade  moderniste, en particulier, Cor Eixample  et la Ruta del Modernisme, qui ont  coordonné et participé dans  toutes les tâches à accomplir pour mener à bon terme cette activité, à l´équipe d´Espai Bici  qui nous ont donné un superbe logistique , au  Club TR3SC  pour la diffusion d’un événement qui, tout comme la Foire du Modernisme, nous éspèrons continuera à se célebrer. à  La Guardia Urbana de Barcelone pour leurs conseils pratiques,  et finalement, notre gratitude au  Museu Nacional d´Art de Catalunya qui a autorisé l´utilisation de  l’image de “Ramon Casas et Pere Romeu en tandem” à l’affiche de la Bicicletada.

.Nous savions que de cette  première Bicicletada, il  va faloire corriger certains aspects et  nous y travaillons déjà, de manière que  la prochaine soit beaucoup mieux que cette première édition